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If you know me, you know that one of the things I am fascinated by is manifestation work, and one of the stronger types of manifestation is a technique known as “act as if”. In this method, you chose a goal, think about how things would be if you had already achieved this goal, and then take on as many of the beliefs, behaviors and activities that go with that new reality as you can.

For instance, if you want to be good at a game or sport, you think about what life would be like if you already were. How would you dress? How would you act? What would you give more time to and what less? What would you think about?

And then, to the best of your ability, you do just that

Not only will this give you practice in the skills you need, it also energetically attracts that new reality to you.


About a month ago, our schedules had eased off and Starwolf was going to be away for most of the weekend. I had a lot of work to do on this year’s book, and so I resolved to have an “act as if” professional writer’s weekend. I decided to, while I got caught up on my editing, act as if I was already a fabulously successful and famous author.

Like so

I got myself special treats, like sushi and pasta, that felt like what I’d eat as a successful author. I prepared writing courses in books and on recording to do in between editing sessions. I planned meditation to support  clear and creative mind and good health. I chose dramatic clothes to wear, to further the act as if process


well let’s say the weekend didn’t turn out like I expected…

designallThe first thing that happened was that a writing clock that I had designed arrived, and that was very cool indeed. But things went down hill from there.

The phone kept ringing with interruptions that had to be dealt with. People in some of my online writing groups were passing out bad information, or bullying other members, and I had to step in repeatedly. My shoulder and my foot started aching again, and had to be dealt with. The weather was hot with bad air quality, which made me dopey and a bit sick; and the associated nausea didn’t match with many of the foods that I had set up. The nap fairy kept knocking me out

I had planned on something kinda suave and elegant and calm and productive. What I ended up with was more like a scene from some kind of sitcom.

But I still got a lot of work done….

And that’s ok.

I planned an “act as if” professional writer’s weekend, and sometimes that’s something full of elegance and grace- but sometimes its full of interruptions loss of dignity and crankiness and grilled cheese sandwiches.

and the “act as if” professional writer will take whatever comes and still get the writing done

Still writing, even if my hair is a mess 😉






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