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It’s been a challenging year full of lots of obstacles.

Health. Finances. Writers’ block. The needs of the people around me, especially the ones that I love.

It’s been a challenging year- and there may well be a reason for that…

On past birthdays,

I’ve written about pursuing your dreams in life, and using your birthday as a time to start doing that

That’s still important- but it’s well to keep this in mind…

When we let go of living the life that other people have chosen for us- when we chose to pursue our dreams and take the Hero’s Journey, sooner or later obstacles will pop up.

We commit to a dream- and those obstacles are there to test our commitment to our dreams. We either go back to an ordinary life- or we continue on the Hero’s Journey and overcome the challenges in our path

Midnight has come and gone and I’m writing this in the wee smalls of the night. My challenges have come, and they tell me that I’m on the right path. Overcoming them will only strengthen my commitment to my dream

It’s been a hard year- but it’s been a good one- and I’ll keep heading in the direction of the Life Mission that I’m here to do.

Wishing you happy trails and happy birthdays as well






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