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If you’ve followed my adventures here or elsewhere, you know that I’m fascinated by manifestation work.

And so, because our crazy activity level has dropped off for awhile and Starwolf is going to be off at a con for a good amount of the weekend, I’m going to devote my weekend to some manifestation practices.

Specifically, the “act as if” technique, which says that, if you want to achieve a goal, you figure out how someone who has achieved that goal would talk and act and think, and what they would do, and as much as is possible, start doing those things yourself.

Some people call this the “fake it til you make it” technique. I don’t much care for that name- it puts a negative spin both on having dreams and on trying to achieve them. I prefer to think of this as “act as if”. I get to try on a new role or skill, and play at it until it’s comfortable and til I attract it to me full time.

Now I, as you may know, am a writer. I’m a good writer but I’d like to be a better and more successful writer. Not so much for the money (although that’s a nice thing too), but more for having more people read my books, being able to reach and help more people that way, and doing well enough with my books that I could afford to write full time

That would be a lovely thing.

And so, because my love will be doing other things and I have some big time editing to catch up on, I plan to “act as if” I was a very successful writer.

I have books on writing I’ll be reading. I have plans for special treats to eat throughout the weekend, like pasta and croissants and sushi. I have meditation tapes that will reinforce my writer skills. I’ll be taking breaks for little spa treatments to pamper and relax myself.

And I’ll be re-writing and editing like a house on fire. I hope to have my edit done by weekend’s end and ready to send out to my readers

If all goes as intended, I will get a lot of writing done and have a lovely weekend in the practice. And, energetically, I’ll move myself further along the path of putting my work out there so that it can help other people grow.

And what about you? What could you “act as if” to bring your dreams one step closer?..






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