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The other day, I got a message in my inbox titled “Putting Manifestation on Autopilot.”


Truth be told, your manifestation is already always on auto pilot. The Law of Attraction says that we tend to manifest or attract into our lives more of whatever we give the majority of our attention and energy to (or other things that vibrate at a similar level).

Thus, if we focus more on abundance, we attract more abundance. If we focus more on our fear of not being able to pay all our bills, we attract more shortages

And, if I focus more on warm chocolate chip cookies, I not only tend to attract more warm chocolate chip cookies, I may also attract more chocolate milkshakes.

If we focus on what’s right with our lives, we tend to attract more of that. If we focus on what’s wrong, more of that pops up.

So the real issue is not putting your manifestation on autopilot. That’s already been done for us.

The real issue is on putting your focus and keeping your focus on the kind of things you want so that you attract more of that, rather than the other random stuff.

So, what are you focusing on today?






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