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I spent the bulk of today out in the woods today at the CWPN Beltain celibration .It was an enjoyable time , however it re-enforced upon me that I am basicly a City Witch. This is a fact of which I am proud . Many Witches and other Pagans  idealize the  ( Woods ) as the only appropriate place to seek the Gods. From my experience this is not so. My ideal place is the 6th floor of  a co-op Apt building on 5th Ave between 73rdband 74th streets facing Central Park . You can find the Gods anywhere , among the wild hills or on the streets of the city . Indeed for me the achtype that I cleve to is ( THE CITY ) the manmade jungle of concrete ,steel and asphlalt empowered by the lives and dreams of the millions of beings ,human and otherwise , that hear its song .
Till next week
Starwolf 5/04/2014    And MAY the Forth be with you 🙂

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