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Hey there.

Back on April 3, I told you about one class (Getting That Metaphysical Book Out) that I’m developing with my friend Morgan Daimler for the fall Changing Times Changing Worlds convention

Now I’d like to talk to you about another class I’m working on for the same convention

Now, none of us is getting any younger and for many of us, that comes with more aches and pains. Pain management is a big deal, whether it’s from an acute injury or a chronic condition.

Now, I love mainstream medicine and feel that it has a lot to offer in the area of pain management, but it also has limitations and setbacks, such as side effects, addiction and your body acclimatizing to medication so it doesn’t work as well any more

For this reason, I’m pulling together a class on alternative health pain management techniques. What’s out there? What works? How does it work?

Since this is not a “one size fits all” universe (thank heavens), this class will offer introductory information about what might be helpful in the world of alternative medicine, so that people can make more informed choices and find the practices, mainstream medicine, alternative medicine or both that work best for their unique and special needs.

To make this class the best that I can, I’m inviting you to give me input – comment here or send me an email at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com to let me know what kinds of things would you be interested in seeing in a class like this.

And thank you in advance for your feedback





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