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Usually, I start the year with some idea of what I’m going to be writing this year’s book about.

I usually get some kind of an idea or headup or omen or clue, sometime between the time the previous book comes out and the first few weeks of the new year.

  • I find the number of people having a specific question or challenge goes up.
  • I have more people talking about something online
  • I receive a random comment that jumps out at me (my favorite being “Oh. Are you writing about “A”? I thought you were writing a book about “B”  That was my cue for what the next book was gonna be.
  • or other things like that

This year has been a little different though. I’ve had lots of ideas and concepts, yes, but none that really jumped out and said “THIS! This is what you need to be writing about.” I’ve started on several ideas and found them all decent and worthy to write about but none had that “A-ha!” moment I usually get.

Until now…

Over the period of the last few days at the end of the week, I’ve had an idea gradually appear out of the mists, and I think that it’s the one I’m looking for. So I’m gonna flesh it out and start working on it and see if it lives up to its promise.

We’ll see how it goes…






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