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One of the most immediate issues you’ll have once you’re out of a bad relationship is stress.

Sounds crazy, no? After all, being in the bad relationship was the stressful part and now that you’re out, you should be able to relax, right?

Yes and no.

Being in a bad relationship is stressful, yes, but many times, your survival instincts will kick in while you’re in such a relationship. This is the reaction that lets people swim for miles through shark infested waters after a ship goes down or lift a car off of a loved one.

And survival instincts are not just for literal life or death situations. When you’re in a situation where you feel threatened, whether its physical harm,  or emotional, your adrenalin starts to pump, giving you the energy to fight or to run away, and if you’re in an ongoing stressful situation, you continue in a state of ongoing elevated adrenalin until te situation is resolved or until you finally run out of energy and collapse

and often, if you’ve been in this “fight or flight” level long enough, those elevated levels may continue, even after the threat is gone.

The “fight or flight” syndrome was originally supposed to be a short term solution to help you survive a challenging world- but when it becomes the long term default, it can deplete your immune system, harm your health, affect your ability to make decisions, limit your happiness and in general make it harder for you to have a good life.

And it feels lousy. Let’s not forget about that.

So we don’t want to stay in that state. But, when stress has become a habit, it may not change spontaneously. You may have to teach yourself how to relax and let go of stress.

There’s a lot of good ways to do this.

  • Exercise
  • Positive thinking
  • Meditation
  • Simplification
  • Relaxation exercises

And I’m going to get into some of these in more detail in coming posts.

The basic thing to remember right now is to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and when it starts to feel stressed, that’s time you need to slow down or stop and do something that helps you to feel calmer or happier

More details ahead

*Note- Being in or ending a bad or abusive relationship can leave you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage which you need to deal with. Since this is not a “one size fits all universe”, everybody will have different things they need to heal and recover.

If you need medical treatment, or counselling, or medication, I’d encourage you to get what you need, just as I’d encourage you to try alternative health approaches or self esteem builders. Remember to find what works for you, and then make sure that you do what you need to heal on an ongoing basis.

Take care of yourself- you deserve it.*






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