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Well, whether love or job or any other kind of bad relationship, you were in it… and now you’re out of it…

Thank heavens. Because it’s hard for the healing to begin before you’re off of the battle field.

In a bad relationship, and then out of it.  Things should settle down for themselves, right?

well, probably not.  One of the problems with bad relationships is that, even after you’re out of the line of fire, there will still be things you take away from the bad relationship that can still mess with your life.

Stress. Beliefs. Habits. Fears.  And that’s even if the relationship is totally over and that other person doesn’t keep popping back into your life.

So you’ll need to unlearn a lot of the lessons that bad relationship taught you- and you’ll also need to learn new ways of living that will help you to nurture yourself, heal and move forwards as the captain of your own fate.

and we’ll be looking at more specifics and how to deal with them ahead

*Note- Being in or ending a bad or abusive relationship can leave you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage which you need to deal with. Since this is not a “one size fits all universe”, everybody will have different things they need to heal and recover.

If you need medical treatment, or counselling, or medication, I’d encourage you to get what you need, just as I’d encourage you to try alternative health approaches or self esteem builders. Remember to find what works for you, and then make sure that you do what you need to heal on an ongoing basis.

Take care of yourself- you deserve it.*






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