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It was an interesting weekend…

We were off at Wicked  Faire, doing readings, selling books, people watching and having a good time as usual- and as the weekend went on, I started to notice a theme developing.

Every little while, someone would stop in to see me- some people I knew and some I didn’t know. And, one by one, they all said that they’d stopped in to thank me.  Thank me for something I’d said or something I’d done that had made a difference in their lives, or in the lives of people that they cared about. Some  talked about things that had happened this weekend and some about things that went back over a series of years.

Wow.  By Saturday noon, I was blushing like mad. I know that I try my best to be of service where ever I’m at, but this weekend really brought home to me that what I try to do does indeed matter in the lives of folks around me.

Been thinking about this a lot, and have come away with two things. First, that planting a little seed of kindness can make something beautiful grow in the world, and second, how important it is to thank the folks that have made my life a better place.

Thank you for reading. More is on the way…






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