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Well, I spent a long weekend at Arisia in Boston. One of the things that I was honored to do over the weekend was to moderate a panel on methods of divination ( aka fortune telling 🙂 ….) The panel was described as talking about all different types of divination and about writing about these methods, and included two folks with backgrounds in both doing readings and researching the history of that, one author who included readings in her books, and me, who’s a bit of both

The panel was kinda free wheeling and could have been about readings, about writing or a bit of both. What interested me was that, when we asked folks what they most wanted to learn about, the majority of the questions were on psychic skills and how to use them.

So we talked, and answered questions, and hopefully gave out some useful information in an hour and 15, and quite a number of folks grabbed my card at the end of the panel

Which makes this a good time to lay out some groundwork.

If you’re someone who grabbed my card this weekend, welcome. If you got it some other time or found me through a search, or links, also welcome. And if you’ve been dropping by to visit for a while here, even more welcome.

This blog is full of posts from myself and husband Starwolf. Together we make up the psychics of Foresight.

And we take requests…

Feel free to drop by and visit when the spirit so moves you. Search around a bit- the theme for our blog is “Helpful Skills for Living in a Magical World” so you may find that the info you need is already here.

But if it’s not, or if you have more questions, please feel free to ask. Post a comment or email us at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com . Each of us has been in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality, alternative health and personal growth for over 40 years, and, between the two of us, that’s a lot of experience.

We play requests. Ask about what you’re interested in. If we know about it, we’ll write about it.

Be welcome. And bring your friends. The more the merrier






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