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Running around tonight, all excited, doing my last minute packing and anticipating the fun I’m going to have at Arisia 2014 this weekend.

I’m going to

  • take a lot of classes,
  • learn a lot of new things about writing and other topics,
  • meet a lot of cool people,
  • see a lot of amazing stuff,
  • marinate myself in a sea of creativity and original thinking

I’m going on an adventure. Now that’s my idea of a good time.

But, giving it some thought, can’t everyday be like that? Every day, don’t we have the option to

  • look for the lessons in the day
  • learn a lot of new things
  • meet a lot of cool people,
  • see a lot of amazing stuff,
  • marinate ourselves in creativity and original thinking?

Don’t we have the potential for an adventure on every day of our lives?


I’m going to enjoy Arisia….and then I’m going to come back and enjoy the adventures that happen every day.

So what adventure are you off on today?






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