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There’s lots of people out there who kinda drift through life.

They’d like to follow their dreams. They’d like to do something that’s exciting, or meaningful, or amazing. They really would.

But somehow, they never get around to it. And time drifts by and by and by, until at last, they get to the point where they decide that they decide that it’s too late to do anything.

And they drift through their lives with a vague feeling of failure and a bad taste in their lives.

But for those of you visiting here, let me tell you three secrets about this whole question of chasing your dreams.

  1. It’s never too late to do something amazing
  2. If you want to get somewhere, it helps to know where you’re going
  3. When you write things down, you’re significantly more likely to actually accomplish them

Simple, right? But these are three gems that can unlock the world of your dreams as opposed to just drifting through life.

We have the gift of a big bright, shiny year ahead of us, and the question now is what you’re gonna make happen with it. Will you drift or will you make your dreams happen?

The time is now- and I’m wishing the greatest of years yet ahead for you

Just remember- It’s never to late to start. Set a goal. And write it down.

Then get out there and make great things happen in your life


PS For more information on why writing goals  down is a good idea, check out my post “Making Your Dreams Come True- the Write Stuff”





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