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The month of January was named for the Roman god,  Janus, the god of beginnings, transitions, endings, passages and doors.  He is pictured with two faces, looking forwards towards where he’s going and backwards to where he’s been.

As we stand on the eve of the New Year, looking forwards into January of 2014, we’d do well to follow Janus’ example.

Look back into 2013. What brought you joy? What didn’t work so well? What did you accomplish and what is yet to be done in your life?

Now look forwards into 2014. What do you want to do in this shiny new year? Where will your dreams and your life mission take you, and what are the first steps to take to move in the direction of those dreams?

Look forwards, look backwards, like Janus. Choose what your year will be

and then, have a happy, happy New Year

Peace and Prosperity to us all






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