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…and into  more leisurely time of the year.

Relatively speaking of course.

We’re always kinda busy here at Chez Foresight. We got lotsa different things on our plates and are always eager to learn something/make something/do something.

But some times of the year are more busy than others.

One of our busy times is the end of August through the early part of November. We call that the “silly season” because during that time, we’re doing events almost every weekend, preparing for other events ahead, and I’m finishing off my new book for the year, which takes a good deal of effort.  That’s in addition to all of the regular things like job, home care, groceries and laundry that are always on the list.

Well, we’ve just passed the last event of the silly season and now I’ll have more time to sit back and relax. All I’ll be doing is

  • packing away the faire equipment
  • doing NaNoWriMo, which involves writing a 50,000 word first draft novel in 30 days
  • blogging here and on my other blog http://www.CatherineKaneWrites.wordpress.com
  • preparing for and celebrating Starwolf’s birthday
  • shopping and making gifts for Christmas
  • getting back to that magazine article I’ve been asked to revise
  • and various other bits and pieces.

(*sits back and looks at list*)


Maybe this isn’t the restful season yet…

See you soon






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