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ah, how sweet they are- those moments of serendipity…

Dependent on whether you’ve followed this blog for awhile or not, you may or may not know that I  try to put out a book a year (last year was extra special and I wrote two of them). You may or may not know that, this year, I started working on one topic and struggled with it.

I knew what I wanted to write about and what man of the points I wanted to cover were, but somehow it wasn’t coming together. It wouldn’t gel. The words didn’t sound like me.

I backed up over and over, taking a run at it again and again from different angles, but it just wouldn’t work, I’m sure that that book needs to be written, and that I will write it, but the time for it is evidently not yet.

And so I switched over to another topic – dream work. Writing about dream interpretation but also other ways to work with dreams to make your life better.

and it was going well, but I found myself questioning myself.

Had I given up too easily? Was this really the book I was supposed to be writing?

I’d been noticing more and more people coming to Starwolf and myself and asking about dreams and how to work with them, but I was still not quite sure.

And then, Sunday night came around…

We were heading back from a weekend working at the Connecticut Renaissance faire and were both feeling a little off. You know, a little scratchy throat, a little achy, a little tired- not sick, but at the point where we’d been outside in slightly chilly weather and were over tired and might come down with something if we didn’t take care of ourselves.

and so we stopped for takeout at a certain chain tex-mex restaurant, as tortilla soup is great for fending off a mini-cold. I placed our order and asked if we could have it as soon as possible, as I wanted to get home, eat and then work on my book.

“What are you reading” asked the waitress, and so I explained that actually it was a book I was writing on dream work

Her face lit up. She told me that a close friend of hers had died a year ago, and had been visiting her nightly in dreams ever since, and she had been looking for someone or something to give her more insight into this.

We talked for a bit, while our order was cooking, and she took my contact info so she could watch for the new book when it comes out.

And I knew then, that the book I’m working on now is the right book for the time, and it’s just what I need to be writing

ah, how sweet they are- those moments of serendipity…






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