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We’ve already talked a bit about how your beliefs shape your reality ( for previous links click here and here)

So lets tackle another one of these.

Many people believe that good luck is scarce and hard to come by- and by believing that, they push good luck away and magnetize hard times to them.

Some folks believe good luck is scarce- but have you ever noticed that some people seem to “just be lucky” most of the time? The ones that “good things just happen to” over and over?

We’ve all seen these people- and if you think about it, the fact that these folks exist challenges the concept that good luck is scarce or hard to come by. If it was, these folks wouldn’t have the lives they do.

Lets look at this in another way. If some folks are repeatedly lucky, well then that’s something that’s possible. And if they can do it, perhaps we can too…

What if good luck wasn’t scarce or hard to come by? What if you believed it was as common as the air you breathe?






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