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It’s August and, looking ahead into the future, in November, Starwolf and I will be making tracks once more to that wonderful convention,  Changing Times, Changing Worlds. That’s the convention that tries to bring together energetic and metaphysical folks from a wide range of pathways to spend time together, teach and take classes, learn more about our own pathways and ones other than ours, and build a bigger community.

And to have fun. But I’m sure that you know if Starwolf and I are there, there will be fun to be had.

You should come too. Check out the website for Changing Times, Changing Worlds for past experiences and the new classes, panels and other things for this year as they’re put up.

Right now, we’re going into the heavy planning/ commitment process. So far I’m committed to teach two classes

  • A Touch of Acupressure- the Point is Feeling Better  which is accupressure for the kind of health challenges you get at a convention at a hotel
  • Reading for Children which is about the specialized techniques and skills you need to do a good reading for kids and infants

There’s also been some interest expressed so Starwolf and I may also end up reprising  something we did last year –

  • The Starwolf and Catherine Totally Amateur Tea Leaf Reading Experiential Experience and Tea Party (possibly with cookies…)  which is a hands on informal experience with reading tea leaves, as well as a social gathering and good time

Meaty, practical classes so far, but I know me and I usually end up teaching 5 or six classes at this con. The question, then, is what else should I offer? The theme of the con this year is communication, so something on that would be good, but I’m not bound by this as not all of the classes have to do with the theme.

Your opinion welcomed. What would you like to see me teach at Changing Times, Changing Worlds?






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