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Argh! Ahoy mateys!

Are your days getting a bit too mundane and humdrum?

Do you need a little epic adventure in your life?

Then what could be better than a smidgeon of  PIRATES  in your day? The adventure is back in a little over two weeks, and Foresight is a part of it.

On August 31 and Sept 1 on the Enfield Green, come get your pirate  on at the Enfield Pirate Festival. It’s a fundraiser for Kids First run by the lovely folks of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (who also bring you the Robin Hood Springtime Faire and the CTRF in the fall)

There’ll be swashbuckling, and combat, adventure and derring do, and great food and really great shopping…

And the psychics of Foresight, of course. Savvy?

And, hopefully, there’ll be you.

Want more info before you set sail for adventure? Then click here

And we’ll hope to see you in two weeks at the Enfield Pirate Festival.






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