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Saw a post on Facebook the other day that said “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy”.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

Now it’s true that good things are worth working for. It’s not a bad thing to remember that you may want to put in some effort if there’s something you really want at the end of the road.

But that doesn’t mean that nothing worth having comes easy. Sometimes great things just drop into your arms. This happens in life often enough that we even have a word for it – “Serendipity”; and if there’s a word for it, you know that it’s something that exists.

And the belief that nothing worth having comes easily can be a real trap for you. Energetically, it’ll tend to attract more hard work into your life than is needed to attract your goals and repel simpler methods that might be just as good at getting you where you want to go. And psychologically, it can cause you to assume anything you have to work hard for must have value (which is not always the case) and anything that comes easily must be worthless (which is also untrue)

So what if, instead of “Nothing worth having comes easy.” , you chose instead to believe “Good things come easily and joyously into my life.”, “It’s worth working for the things I want.” or “Sometimes I need to work to make things happen- and sometimes they just come to me.”

Later in this series of posts, I’ll be talking about how to change beliefs that don’t serve you for those that do. For now, just give this some thought and get clear on what you’d like to believe.

What if good things were easy for you?






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