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Sometimes you go with the flow and everything come together in just the way it should.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes things come along that throw you off balance and that interfere with doing the things that you’re here to do in life- the things that are most important to you.

And that’s where the concept of balance comes into your life…

Many folks think about balance in life as being like a pie chart. So much of your time for work, so much for family, so much for recreation and so forth; but life balance isn’t really like that. It’s more like standing on a teeter totter

When I was a child, for fun, we used to stand on the middle of the teeter totter. Your feet would go up and down and up and down and they were very rarely perfectly even. The concept of balance was a dynamic one, where you went with what was happening at the moment. Balancing things meant that you stayed in motion and everything got what it needed at any particular moment.

Life balance is like that. You can’t be counting the moments and making sure that everything gets an pre-designated amount of time. It’s more dynamic- rolling with what’s happening and seeing that you keep your eye on whats important so that it balances out over time

Last week, I was involved in a car accident. A woman wasn’t paying attention and rear ended me while I was waiting for a stop light to turn; and all of a sudden, my life was full to overflowing with all of the things you have to deal with when you’re in an accident, injured and your car is totalled. This on top of all of the other things that normally fill my time.

It threw me off balance and meant that I couldn’t do all of the things I’d wanted to (including writing this blog) but I knew that balance meant that I needed to deal with the immediate now and bring the other things back into balance with time.

And here I am, back again.

Do you have balance in your life…?






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