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we seem to have finally entered spring….

(*freezes, looks quickly around in all directions for snow, then sighs in relief*)

and its time for spring cleaning.

But that’s not just about shaking out the snow boots, putting away the shovels for another year and getting some fresh air flowing through a house that’s been shut up for the winter. Did you know that you can put an energetic spin on spring cleaning, so that you not only have a cleaner house but also clear your energy and set it to attract new and better things into your life?

Simple stuff. As you clean and get rid of things( like dust bunnies) that you don’t need anymore, you also set an intention that, as you clear things you no longer need out of your house, you make room for things that suit you better to come into your life. An “intention” is just a metaphysical term for a goal that is use to move energy in the direction that you want it to go, and, by combining such an intention with the act of spring cleaning, you turn a basic chore into a technique for manifesting something better (one that has roots going back to antiquity)

So, throw open those windows, clean those floors or do a  start of the year declutter and let the power of intention bring you a springtime bonus with your housecleaning.

(PS You could also tie your springcleaning intentions into your personal goals – see “Time for New Beginnings”)







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