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Well, it feels like spring may actually have gotten here at last (or at least be looming on the horizon…) and when the weather gets nicer, Foresight starts to move outdoors.

It’s our first outdoors event of 2013- the Beltaine celebration for the Connecticut Pagan Pride Day group 0n April 27 from 10- 6 in Berlin, Ct.  CTPPD is an educational group that tries to build understanding of people following the different pagan spiritual paths by holding events where everyone can attend and learn more. They’re educational and they’re fun too, and they’re held by very nice people.

Starwolf and myself have attended events by this group for a number of years now, and always had a great time. This year, for the Beltaine event, we’ll be attending doing readings, offering Reiki and selling my books. We’ll also be teaching a free class on dowsing with pendulums and L-rods, one of a number of classes available free with your $5 admission (this event raises money for the main Pagan Pride Day event in the fall)

Besides classes, vendors and very nice people, this event includes a food drive for people and animals and collects supplies for the animal shelter. Your donations gratefully received.

Sound like your kind of event? Want to learn more? Then check out CTPPD Beltaine

And we hope to see you at CTPPD Beltaine 🙂






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