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Back on  January 22 (One Door Closes, Another Opens…), I talked about completing writing over 50 thousand words in thirty days for NaNoWriMo.

I also mentioned that, as I lay my still steaming head down on the pillow that night, I had two different thoughts about what book I would be writing in 2013. I  said that I’d be thinking more about this and that I’d let you know as things developed.

Well, both ideas continue to develop apace, and I would appreciate some feedback from people who’d like to have input into the process.

One of the two ideas that is presently circling my brain is to do a book on different kinds of dream work- how to interpret your own dreams and other ways to work with dreams for a better life.

Most of the current dream interpretation books out there teach you to interpret your dreams by a set list of symbolism (for instance, a rose means this, a fire means that, and so forth.) That’s great- except it doesn’t really work.

Everyone has different interpretations of things, and their own different symbols for things. A cat may mean loving acceptance to me and cool rejection to you and we would both be right.  Since your dreams come to you in your own system of symbols, trying to interpret them using a standardized list created by a books author (or even reprinted from an older work) may or may not be accurate.

I have a method of dream interpretation that teaches you to know what your dreams are saying to you personally, according to your own symbols, as opposed to trying to fit them into someone else’s head…

I’d also be including other dream work, including such things as learning to remember your dreams, programing your dreams to answer questions you can’t figure out when you’re awake, using dreams to boost your creativity, working with your mind- body connection and other things like this.

What’s your take on this? Does this topic sound like one that you’d like to have me tackle in 2013?

The other possible topic is coming up in a future post…






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