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…and some of you have not.

For those of us who still have more gifting to prepare for, here’s a few ideas that may make things easier or more interesting.

  • Shop at small local businesses. The present are unique and your dollars support families right in your own community which helps the local economy.
  • Buy books. Of course I’d be delighted if you chose my books (see below), but a book on a subject that your recipiant loves is a wonderful present.
  • Make presents. Paint custom tshirts. Make quillows ( a lap quilt that folds into a pillow).  Embroider pillow cases. Make a collage of family photos. Just be sure that you’re making things that your loved ones would like to own.
  • Cook. In this busy season, time to cook can sometimes be hard to find, so a gift of  holiday cookies, appetizers that can be heated up for a party, or a casserole that can make one evening easier can be just the gift someone needs.
  • Give gift cards- but personalize them by saying that you want the recipiant to buy an album by their favorite musician or the latest book by their favorite author.
  • Give experiences. Take a child to a light show, or your friend to a performance of “A Christmas Carol” or the entire family to hot cocoa and peppermint cookies at a local restaurant. You can also make a certificate for a day doing something interesting in 2013
  • Give the gift of time. Offer to take over cooking for  a week so your writer friend can write. Volunteer to babysit, so your brother has time to paint. Say you’ll run errands so your mom has time to sit and read, or just sit
  • Give to charity. Many charities, such as Heifer Project, Feeding America  and Smile Train offer gift cards that notify your recipiant that a gift has been made in their honor. Many other charities, such as Habitat for Humanity, the Hunger Site and World Wildlife Federation have gift shops where you can purchase wonderful item and the money makes the world better. Help people and get your shopping done.

Most of all, think about the person you’re shopping for when you choose a gift. Remember the value isn’t in what the gift costs- it’s in how the gift speaks of the connection between you and the person you’re giving it to.

Now, let me let you get back at it. I still have one more shirt to embroider and a few more packages to wrap myself…






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