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The year has just flown by!

And now we’re in the week of Thanksgiving, when most people are thinking about turkey with all the trimmings, and time off from work, and football, and those big sales on Friday

but it’s also good to use this day, and indeed this week as a chance to be aware of all that is positive, beautiful and blessed in your life. Everything from the obvious (your job, your health, the people you love) to the not so obvious (modern medicine, indoor plumbing, the fact that you live in a country where you are free to have different opinions from the people around you.)

Studies have found that positive thinking and focusing most of your attention on what is working in your life and good builds a stronger immune system and a more resiliant mindset, making you healthier and better able to adjust to and handle whatever comes into your life.

Metaphysical studies have found that when you focus a majority of your time and energy on gratitude for your blessings, you tend to attract more of them and other things that make you feel blessed into your life.

Surveys agree. Counting your blessings and giving thanks for them is a win- win situation. And lucky you! You have a holiday coming up that’s specially designed for that.

So, as you’re waiting in line to buy the cranberry sauce, or going through the circulars to get ready to start your holiday shopping, I’d advise you to give a moment to thinking about the blessings that are yours in your life.

and then, before you dig into that turkey on Thursday, give thanks…..






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