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Rather late in posting today. Sorry, folks. I try to be reliable

I’m huddled here right now over the keyboard to my computer, writing this post as I print out the final handouts for my classes at Changing Times, Changing Worlds (and remembering how much two sided handouts are when you must do them manually :P…)

This year at the convention, I’ve ended up on three panels, doing a booksigning and running a totally amateur tea leaf reading experience , as well as teaching five classes. That and the fact that I hope to catch other people’s classes and panels, as well as meet some old friends and make some new ones means that I’m going to be a busy little Fairy Godmother.

Five classes- and three of them are brand new for this year’s con. I’m also remembering why its good to be teaching new classes and writing about new things. They say that, if you want to really learn something, teach it. My classes are all on things that I know, but, in setting them up to teach them, I’m seeing things about them I hadn’t seen before and I’m learning new dimensions of them.

Worth considering.

Is there something in your life that you want to get better at?

Then who could you teach it to?…






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