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In these pages, I like to tell you about places that Foresight is going to be, where you can come and see us, get a reading, some Reiki or a book, or just say hi and visit awhile; but sometimes, I like to tell you about places that we’re not going to be- but are fabulous nonetheless.

and this is one of these times…

On the evening of Oct 14th, Foresight will be at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in the fine medieval land of Hebron, Ct; but if you’re not there, you might want to set a course for The Steampunk Anachronism meets the Goblin Market in New York City.

Starting at 4 pm, this fine event blends elements of steampunk, a renaissance faire, dark enchantment and the unusual, with a twist, and features unique entertainment and experiences not often to be had.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of Jeff Mach events, and I can tell you from personal experience that 1) his events are crammed to the top with good things, 2) there’s something for everyone, 3) any expectations you have  will surpassed, 4) you will definitely get your money’s worth, and 5) you will never meet such a bunch of interesting and friendly people.

Jeff not only runs great events. He has a knack for building a friendly community and culture, and for building events that welcome in people of all different varieties (especially people who don’t always fit in in mainstream culture). So, whether you’re goth or rennie, geek or gay, trans or pagan or whatever else you may be, there’s a friendly place for you at this event and at others of the Mach persuasion.

Great performers. Curious entertainments. And old friends you haven’t met yet. What could be finer?

If this sounds like your wonderful place to be, check here for more information. Tickets are available in advance at at the door, but looking at the program, I’d say it’d be wise to snaffle yours in advance lest they all sell before you get there

Set a course for adventure, and follow it into enchantment…






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