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Early on Thursday morning, I told you about the impossible writing challenge that I had set for myself (Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast).

How I only had until the 17th to complete this challenge.

How I’d worked hard, night and day, to accomplish something that seemed impossible.

How I was proud and happy of what I’d accomplished so far.

How I had done everything that I could, and now all that was left was the waiting.

And I invited you to join me in celebrating accomplishing things that I thought impossible and in waiting to see if it all worked out the way I’d hoped for.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that the proof galley that was my goal arrived in my hand midday on 8/16, and the final copy was released as of yesterday and I invite you to dance the happy writer’s dance with me again.

Since the deadline is past, I’m now free to explain the reason for this urgency. My father is the one who first got me interested in science fiction and fantasy tales when I was young. This book is my first urban fantasy novel andI had been planning for several years to dedicate this book to my father. Well, on Saturday we celebrated his birthday, and it was my honor to be able to present it to him as a birthday present from my husband and myself.

When I set this goal, it seemed impossible. Slightly more than 30 days to turn a story and a partly finished rough draft into a finished book to honor my dad…

But the “impossible” has happened, and this makes me very happy.

If urban fantasy is your thing, look  for “The Lands That Lie Between”, and dance with me if you like.

Hoping that you can accomplish your impossible dream as well.





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