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Want to share with something that’s going on in my writing right now- something that I’m finding exciting.

Some of you may know that I participate in NaNoWriMo, a challenge to write a 50,000 word first draft novel in a month. I’ve suceeded at this several times, but none of the stories have ever been finished, let alone edited and polished.

For reasons that I currently need to keep to keep personal and secret (because I don’t know who’s reading and I don’t want to spoil the surprise), in July, I set myself the challenge to take my first NaNo partial rough draft, finish the story, edit and polish it, and get it through the publication process in time to have the first proof copy in my hand for this Saturday.

Yeah, I know. Crazy, right?

Well, I’ve been working like a fiend on this this month, getting up early, staying up late and pounding the keys like mad. I had a friend who proofed/edited for me and gave me feedback.

I’d hoped to have the manuscript done by the end of the weekend before the one just past. No soap. Life kept intervening and parts of the writing got longer. I found out that the name of one of my lead characters led to some busy spots online, and several of the replacements I came up led to other problematic things, which also backed the process up. And then some things on the Lulu site got sticky on me, taking even more time (not bad processes, but things have an increased chance of resisting when you’re in a hurry.)

So, all in all, the manuscript I’d hoped to have to Lulu.com by the morning of August 6th instead was in by 4 pm on August 13th.

There was still an outside chance that I  might make it, but it was very slim. The standard time to produce a book was listed as two to three days, and the shipping selection was two days (which we all know means approximately).

So if everything went well, I might just squeak through, and receive the book on Friday afternoon.

So, we keep the good thought.

And on the 14th I received an email that said that my book had shipped that day.

Ahead of schedule…

I’m not out of the woods yet. I don’t have the book in my hand.

But still, I’m dancing the happy writer’s dance. And I invite you to dance with me if you like.

Awaiting developments.



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