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In metaphysics, the term “grounding” can be used for a number of things. It can mean releasing or “grounding out” negative energy, whether it’s energy you’ve picked up from someone or someplace else, or negative energy that you’ve created for yourself. It can also mean “grounding” yourself by stregthening your energetic connection with the physical plane.
If you’re energetically sensitive, or if you work with energy (using magick, metaphysics, alternative health practices or other means), it’s important for you to know about both kinds of grounding.
We’ve talked a lot about grounding on this blog, and I’d like to give you another way to learn about this.
On August 11, 2011,  it was my pleasure to appear on Lexi Doyle’s podcast, Cauldron of Knowledge, on www.LiveParanormal.com  for a special two hour show. The topic was grounding, both grounding out negative energy and grounding yourself in the physical plane
If you missed the show, or if you heard it but would like to listen again, here’s the link
Happy listening
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