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We started out talking about how our energy fields can affect what we manifest in our lives, and how our beliefs can help to determine the kind of energy that we carry around with us.

We started talking about where those beliefs come from. So far, we’ve talked about self talk and what we are taught by the people around us. What other people say to us, and what we say to ourselves.

Now, let’s take this a step further. Lets look at the kind of thoughts that we choose  to think.

Yes, choose….

Studies have found that stress is not caused by what happens to us. That’s why two people can have the same experience and one will do fine, while the other one is devastated.

And the same thing is true about our beliefs. We can choose what interpretation we put on whatever is going on around us; and most people tend to develop patterns of belief, whether empowering, immobilizing or somewhere in between.

If we believe we are victims, we will see experiences as victimizing us. If we believe anything is possible, we can accomplish amazing things. If we believe that we need other people to do for us, we won’t be able to do for ourselves.

And these patterns of belief not only have an effect on the things we can do, but also our energetic fields, and what they manifest in the world.

Fortunately, once we are aware of any patterns of thought we have that don’t serve us, we can keep an eye out for them, just as we keep an eye on our self talk.

We can catch a negative thought, and change it for a more positive one.


  • As opposed to ” I’m unlucky in love”, think “He wasn’t right for me, but that doesn’t mean noone is.”
  • As opposed to “I never win” try “I haven’t won yet” instead. Throw in “…so I’m overdue” for bonus style points.)

And, as you substitute positive thoughts for negative ones, you build a pattern of positive thinking, and this creates energy that attracts better things into your life.

So choose the happy thought, and have a happier life!






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