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We’ve talked about how self talk ,whether helpful or destructive,can build your beliefs. Now let’s talk about how the talk of the people around us can build our internal programming.

There are lots of different people in the world, and lots of different beliefs to go with them.

And they’re all ready to share them with you.

Some will want to teach you achievement, and some caution or fear. Some are insightful, some ignorant. Some will energize you, some drain you.  Some will teach you things that are excellent for them but don’t work at all for you.
Some will teach you things that help you be your best, and some will teach you things that limit you.

And most of them will share whatever it is that they believe under the impression that they are being helpful. Whether they actually are or not.

And all of those beliefs (even the ones that contradict each other) will go right into your subconscious if  you let them.

It’s important to examine the belief patterns that are offered to you. To choose the ones that work for who you are, and let the rest of them go. And to spend more time with the folks who energize you and support you in being more perfectly, joyously you, as opposed to the ones who want to make you over into someone else or crush your dreams ( even with the best of intentions).

Know who you are. Know who is part of your tribe. And let them teach you what you need to know about  in life






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