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 Last week, we talked about negative self talk. But what’s a way to start identifying it and then correct it in our lives?

First, it’s good to take some time to sit back and watch for the phrases that you use to knock yourself down and beat yourself up. If you’re having a problem putting a finger on this, ask your friends. The ones who really care about you will already know this and usually be glad to tell you. (Indeed, really good friends may already have been nagging you about these statements for years already.)

 Identify any negative self talk you’ve been using. Once you’re aware of that, it’s useful to know that, just as negative self talk can drag you downwards, positive self talk can start your energy rising again. And you don’t even need to make major changes in that self talk to start out with.

In the same way that you paid attention to what things you told yourself so that you could identify your negative self talk, start watching for those words and phrases as you go through your day. When you spot them, it’s time to turn this talk around.

Consider for a moment a couple of excellent words and phrases.

  • “Yet.”
  • “Up to now.”
  •  “From now on…”
  • “Used to” 
  • “From now on, things will be different”.
  • “I choose to change that”

And let’s look at what happens when we add them to our previously negative stories.

  • I haven’t won yet…
  • That kind of garbage used to happen to me, but I chose to change that.
  • I used to be clumsy (or stupid, or irresponsible; or unlovable; or…) but from now, on things will be different.

Even these little changes in self talk can make a big difference in the beliefs that we’re programming ourselves with, and the energy that they generate. When we’re breaking out of the old stories we’ve told ourselves, we can learn to catch ourselves in the middle of the negative stories that we’ve told ourselves forever, and use these words and phrases to modify them on the fly to something that will lift us up as opposed to break us down.

And even a little boost helps us attract better things. That makes the old stories less believable and gives us the awareness and motivation to tell ourselves even better stories that raise our energy and our reality further upwards.

 This can mean some pretty big changes for us- and they all start with just adding a few little words like “yet”, and “used to be” and “from now on”…






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