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One of the ways that we create or strengthen our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us is something called “self talk”. Self talk is the things we say to ourselves about who we think we are and what we think is happening to us. Most of us have stories we tell ourselves about the experiences we have in life. Some of us tell ourselves positive stories that build our energetic level up; but many of us tell ourselves stories that depress us, deprive us of hope and shoot our energetic level straight down into the basement.

  • I’ll never win.
  • That kind of garbage always happens to me.
  • I’m so clumsy (or stupid, or irresponsible; or unlovable; or…)

Any of those sound familiar?

The truth is that psychologically, when we believe the worst, we start to look for evidence that this is what is really happening; and metaphysically, when we believe the worst, the  mind – body connection goes to work to try and make that belief as “true” as possible. One way the mind-body connection does that is affecting the vibration of your energetic field. If you believe in and expect the worst, the mind-body connection starts your energy dropping into the negatives to match those beliefs, which attracts more negative experiences, which makes your mind go “See! Bad things always do happen to me!…

And then the metaphysical merry-go-round spins out of control round and down again…

But wait! All’s not lost. We have a remedy for trashy self talk coming up.

See you then…







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