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I got talking with another psychic recently. We were talking shop about doing  multiple readings at events and faires.

“Do you find that you get drained after you do a lot of readings?…” she asked.

Well, yes….and no…

Any psychic will feel drain after doing enough readings (and how much is enough varies from person to person.) And, as a person with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, I have even more reasons to be concerned with energy conservation.

But there are things you can do to control drain….

Eat right –  There’s good nutrition,and that’s important. But on top of that, different bodies need different things. Some folks get energy from sugar,others are depleted by it. Some folks thrive on vegetarian, others need meat. Listen to your body and give it what gives you energy.

Hydrate  Dehydration will make you hit your wall. Have water close at hand and drink.

Take breaks  When you feel yourself beginning to feel spacey or drained, it’s time to take a little break. Stretch. Take a brief, brisk walk. Hit the bathroom and wash your face in cool water.

Set an intention  …that you will have the energy you need to help the people who need you

Energetic shields  I’ve written previously about how energetic shields can help keep you from being overwhelmed or trashed by the energy of people around you. (Search this blog for details.)

 Well, one thing that can drain you while doing readings is picking up too much energy, especially negative energy, from the people that you’re reading for. Setting your shields to allow enough energy to read without being drained can help you

Ground when excess or negative energy gets past your shields and seizes you by the lapels, it’s time to ground that energy out into the earth . (there are lots of articles on grounding on this blog, too)

And listen to your body. When it tells you its time to stop, stop.

What do you do to keep from draining yourself when doing readings?…






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