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Happy Valentine’s Day!

And I’ve got a valentine for you!

Here’s a video on love from Andy Dooley. He’s insightful and good fun, but loud and boisterous, so you don’t want to play this at work or where pets or nervous people might be startled.



And once you’ve enjoyed Andy, I’d like to make a request.

On Valentine’s Day, people tend to think about cards and hearts and flowers and chocolates and romantic love for couples. That’s great, but while you’re expressing your Valentine’s love to others in your life, I’d like to ask you to remember to love yourself as well.

Put yourself on your own valentine’s list.

Not loving themselves tends to be at the core of most of the self-destructive things people get involved with. People who don’t love themselves go looking for something to fill the void inside of themselves, and often get in trouble that way.

Loving and accepting yourself as you are is an essential part of a happy healthy life. It’s the first step to finding and living your dreams; and its also important for building strong and healthy relationships with other people, whether it be friendship, work, or romance….

Here at Foresight, we want the best possible for the people whose lives we touch. And that starts with loving yourself.

So consider this a reminder. Please put yourself on your own valentine’s list

Affectionately 🙂






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