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Because we live in a busy, busy, multitasking, “six impossible things before breakfast” kind of world, we tend to build up a lot of tension; and many times, that tension can settle in our muscles and joints.

The jaw. The neck. The shoulders. The back. Any part that’s a part of you can get tense and tight and painful because you’re stressed.

And meditation, even for 5 minutes, can help with that.

Pick a time when you’ll be free from interruptions for a few minutes. (Hide in the bathroom, or in your car is you need to.)

Put yourself in a comfortable position, sitting or lying, with your arms and legs uncrossed (so they won’t go to sleep).

Close your eyes.

Start by doing some relaxing deep breathing .

As you feel your body start to relax, begin to gently look at the different parts of your body, starting with your toes and working your way upwards.

Where are you holding your tension? Your neck? Your back?

When you find a part of your body that’s tense, stop there and breath. Picture yourself breathing light into that part of the body – light that fills it, heals it and lets it relax.

Be aware of that part of you as it relaxes. See how good it feels? That’s how it’s supposed to feel. Make a note of this feeling, so that, the next time it starts to get tense, you’ll be aware of it, and know you need to do some more relaxation

Once that part of your body relaxes, move on to the rest of it.

And, when your time is up and your body is relaxed, open your eyes.

This is a very simple but effective technique. You can do your whole body, or, if you’ve only got a minute or two, you can focus on the parts of your body where you know you tend to carry your tension.

Either way, it’s good for your head and good for your body as well. (Tense muscles are more vulnerable to injury).

So, go ahead. Relax!






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