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We’ve been talking about 5 minute meditation – about ways to include little bits of meditation as part of your normal day. We’ve looked at such things as breathing, relaxation, fire, eating, waiting, standing online, and listening.

But have you thought about making other parts of your daily¬†routine part of your meditation practice?….

By now, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most key points in meditation is focusing your attention on a single thought or experience. The act of focus¬† helps us to relax, calms the monkey mind, and brings us to our centers and the peace that we can find there.

And we can certainly find a focus in any regular practice or activity.

Whether you’re doing the dishes, or paying the bills, or cleaning the bathroom, almost any basic repetitive activity has the potential to also be an exercise in presence, relaxation and meditation.

You breath deeply. You relax. You focus totally on what you’re doing, being present with it. And you let the acts that fill your day become a meditation.

A 5 minute meditation.

There are no limits to meditation. The only question is what are you going to bring your peace and presence to today?…..






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