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Talked a bit about sound in the last 5 Minute Meditation post. Let’s go further on that

When you’ve got 5 minutes, settle yourself in a comfortable position, sitting, reclining or lying down. If you’re running on too little sleep, sitting is usually better, as you may drop off if you’re lying down (and while, if you need the sleep, I’m happy for you to get it, that means that you miss the meditation part)

To start, close your eyes and take  a deep breath. Hold it for a moment, then breath out, feeling tension and stress leave your body with the breath. Repeat at a leisurely pace until you’re feeling calm and centered.

Once you’re feeling a bit more calm, centered and focused, keep your eyes shut and start to listen to what you hear around you.

What do you hear?

Do you hear the sounds of people around you, or vehicles passing by? The sounds of nature, or the enviromental sounds of your surroundings, like the humming of lights, or the gurgle of water in pipes in the wall? The sounds of your heart beating or your own breathing?

What do you hear?

We tend to screen out a lot of the sounds around us, unless its a sound that’s important. We can use these sounds as ways to focus and go inwards, and find our center.

Don’t make this into a test or  a challenge. Just relax, and focus on the sounds around you.

  • Can you tell what you’re hearing?
  • Once you do, can you start to play with this?
  • Can you focus on one sound to the exclusion of others?
  • Can you shift your focus from one sound to another?
  • Can you hear the silence that lies between the sounds and connects them?

Spend a little time with the sounds and the silence that lies between. And, when you’re ready, take a deep breath, return your focus to your body and open your eyes again…

When you’ve got a moment, spend it with the sound and the silence, and renew your spirit.






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