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It’s been a crazy weekend…

And I hope that all of you who visit this blog, our website or our FB page, or who come to see us at our events are whole, and well, and in good shape. That the ones you love or care for are, too. That your homes came through the storm ok, and that your lives are back on track, or will be soon.

Starwolf and I worked Connecticut Pagan Pride day on Saturday –  an outdoor event that looked like it might be trashed by the incoming weather, but actually turned out to be a great event.

On Sunday, we made our preparations and did the best we could; and then sat out the storm. Lost power and other utilities by 11,  and spent  the day reading by battery lantern, sleeping, listening to the storm, and getting updates on the radio.

This morning (Monday), we’re still without power, land phone, cable  and internet. So I’m off to Panera’s to recharge my cell and computer, and put this note in the works for you folks.

Got me thinking…

Sometimes life is like this weekend.

Sometimes the things that look the most scary and risky, actually turn out to be really great for us.

Sometimes, we’ve got to be prepared to be flexible, to put aside the plans we have, take life as it comes, and make the best of what we’ve got going on.

And sometimes it’s good to have that interruption. so we remember to appreciate the things and people that we take for granted in our lives

End result – not the weekend we would have liked, but we’re ok, our home is ok and things will get better. So, I’m sitting here in Panera’s now (Monday morning), writing this post to you folks, and enjoying the light, and power, and access to the folks on our blog.

And, when I called home again, a little while ago, it sounds like the power is on…

More power to all of you as well…






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