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Going to step off the track of 5 minute meditation for a moment, because I’ve run across some thing that I found kind of interesting.

I’ve been in an online discussion with a woman about the role of pain in growth and enlightenment.

She believes that pain is an essential and “perfect” part of the path to enlightenment- that to get past a certain point of spiritual growth, pain is necessary, and that, if you’re not experiencing pain as part of your spiritual path, you’re taking your spiritual growth too lightly.

I feel differently about it. While I think that pain can be part of the process of spiritual growth, and have had it as part of my own, my observation of both my experience and that of other folks around me, is that pain usually happens on the spiritual path at times:

  • when I’m not listening to what Spirit is trying to tell me; or
  • when I hear the message but am unwilling to move forwards because of things like fear, inertia, or being too comfortable where I am.

These are the times when the signs, and portents, and omens gradually increase until I get stuck in the posterior with the pointed stick of Enlightenment and finally start to move.

And that’s when the pain kicks in.

I am finding, gradually, that if I pay attention to what I’m learning, and if I move when I get the clear go ahead, I can move forwards on my spiritual path without the need for the pain (cue song “I Haven’t Got Time For the Pain”)

And I don’t have to go to spiritual summer school at the end of a pointy stick :)…

Not to say I’m perfectly enlightened- far from it. Some days I’m better at this than others.

But, given that our beliefs tend to shape the world around us, think I prefer to believe in “Growth essential – Suffering optional…”

Anyhoo, I thought that overall this is an interesting topic. One that has the prospects of having a positive effect on the lives of people in general. And I thought that there must be quite a number of ways of viewing the role of pain in spiritual growth.

Not looking to “choose up sides”. But I would be interested in what you think. What do you believe about the nature of pain on a spiritual path?






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