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In modern society, we’re constantly on the run.

Move, move, move!

Multitask, multitask, multitask!

As a consequence, we get a whole lot of stuff done – but we also lose the ability to simply be present with what we’re doing at the moment. If you’re juggling chain saws, you have to constantly be thinking three steps ahead or bad things will happen…

Maybe so, maybe no. But, we’re always thinking too fast and too far, and that can just wear you out.

On form of meditation is simply that of being totally present with what you’re doing at the moment. Putting plans, and multitasking, and thinking ahead aside for just a little while and really being there in the moment with what you’re doing, whether chanting, or exercising, or playing with your child.

The act of presence helps to still the chatter of the monkey mind, and build an inner calm, which is very pleasant, relaxing, and healing.

and one time to do it is while eating.

Chose a time and place for your eating meditation where you won’t be interrupted. ( Hide out in your car if you need to.) Turn off phones, and position yourself where folks won’t come by every few seconds wanting to chat or for you to find their lost sneaker.

Chose an item of food to focus on. An orange or apple is traditional, but you can do this with any type of food, even a cookie or a Big Mac.

Put aside any worries, planning, or thinking about the next three things on your to-do list. This is just a little meditation, and all of those things will be there when you get back.

Start by focusing on the food you are holding in your hand.

 What does it feel like?

  • Is it heavy or light? How heavy?
  • What is  texture?
  • Is it hard, or soft? If soft, try “squishing” it a bit, to see what that feels like.

Look at your food. Turn it over, so you can look at it from all sides.What does it look like?

  • What color is it?
  • Is it a solid color or variations?
  • Look closely enough at it that you would be able to identify it from out of others of its type

How about sound? Is your food

  • Crispy like a chip?
  • Crunchy like good french bread?
  • Thumpable, like melon?

Bring your food up to your nose now, and smell it. Is the smell

  • Sweet?
  • Tangy?
  • Rich?
  • Bland?

Now finally, it’s time to taste. Take a small nibble of your food and hold it in your mouth for a moment, really focusing  on the flavor and how it feels on your tongue. Then start to chew, and notice how the experience changes for you.

The more deeply you focus on your food, the more that you tune into the sensory experiences your food has to give you, the more your mind will calm and your stress will lessen. Not only is meditation in general good for your health, but a food mindfulness meditation like this one can also help develop better eating habits, which can help with indigestion and being overweight.

Spend as little or as much time being present with your food as you like.

If distracting thoughts come up, your planning mind starts to try to play through and the monkey mind begins to chatter, you’ve got tools from earlier posts (5 Minute Meditation – Back from the Monkey Mind, Part 1 and Part 2) to deal with this.

So, enjoy your mindfulness snack.

And have a better day

More mindfulness on the way


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