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We’re back with 5 minute meditation now. Previously

Wow, that’s a lot of info. Feel free to review if you like.

Now let’s talk about another simple 5 minute meditation- using fire.

People have been fascinated by fire since the dawn of time. Because of this, whether it’s a campfire, fire in the fire place or a candle, fire makes a lovely focus for meditating. If you have access to a campfire or fire place, feel free to use those, but otherwise, from the 5 minute angle, a candle is the best option. For safety and convenience, I’d reccomend a candle in a clear jar with no labels .

Since you’re working with fire, you want to take safety precautions. Place the candle on a non-flamable surface, away from items that might catch fire like drapes or papers. Have a way to extinguish flame nearby and a plan for doing so. ( I like to set my candle up on my bathroom sink). Take precautions so that children, pets or enthusiastic adults will not accidently hit your candle and set themselves alight.

Now we’re ready to meditate.

  • Light the candle.
  •  Position yourself in a comfortable position, arms and legs uncrossed, where you can clearly see the flame.
  • Gaze into the flame and focus on it.
  •  Keep your mind focused on the flame, and if interfering thoughts arise, acknowledge them and return your attention to the flame.
  • Continue for 5 minutes, as long as your schedule permits, or as long as it feels good.

It sounds simple. It is simple- but it’s a great way to clear your mind, and access the other benefits of meditation. And it’s fun.

More meditation on the way






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