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In the last post, we talked about the “monkey mind” – those nagging thoughts that try to distract us from our calm and tranquil meditation, like whiney children tugging at your skirts with dirty hands and runny noses…

Ick. There’s a vivid picture.

So, how do we deal with the monkey mind? How do we get back to that calm, cool meditative state, rather than getting absorbed by thoughts of bills due next week, and what’s on TV, and the political scandal of the month?

You can’t fight those thoughts. If you try and push them away or not think them, you’ll trigger resistance, and they’ll come back bigger and stronger than before.

(Don’t think about a polar bear! )

(Did you think about the polar bear? )

(Well, that’s the kind of thing I mean…)

Instead, if distracting thoughts intrude, we’d do better to acknowledge them and tell them not now.

Stay calm. Don’t beat yourself up for being distracted for a moment. It happens to everyone.

Instead think “I see that I am thinking about Great Aunt Ethel, and I am now returning my thoughts to my breathing.”

And go back to your meditation.

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