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Meditation takes us into an “altered state” – a state of brainwaves different from our usual waking state. The various altered states are helpful for things such as creativity, stress reduction, intuition or healing.

 Altered states are also known as “meditative states” or “hypnotic states”. That’s because the various brainwaves active in meditation are also active in hypnosis or self-hypnosis. 

So how do we know if we’re in an altered state, anyway?  What’s it feel like?

Surprise. You’ve probably already experienced it, not once, but many times…

  • Ever gotten so into a TV program that you lost track of what’s going on in the room around you?
  • Ever gotten lost in your own thoughts and completely missed what the person talking to you said?
  • Ever been so focused on a movie that you “jumped” when something happened in the movie theatre?
  • Ever driven from one place to another and not remembered the trip in between?

These are all examples of everyday “altered states” when your brain was so focused on one particular stimuli that it filtered out all other extemporaneous ones. Altered states tend to include a singleness of thought, shutting down mntal multitasking for awhile, and leading to an experence that’s calming, relaxing and feels really good.

The practice of focus can take you into a meditative state. The practice of relaxation can, too.

And we’re going to look at a few ways that you can incorporate altered states into your daily routine in bite sized morsels that feel great and do you good.

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