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It’s Family Fun Weekend at the Robin Hood springtime festival – and if your family has been to the festival before, you know just how fun that is.

(It’s so nice, you need to do it twice…)

In addition to adventure, romance, intrigue and turkey legs, this weekend features:

The 2011 Eastern Regional Belly Dance Championship – a not to be missed contest of  grace, style and control. Troupes and individual dancers compete in cabaret, tribal and folkloric styles. If you’ve never seen eastern dancing, you’ll be amazed. If you have, this is the place to see the best.


Feast of the Merry – From 1:30pm to 3:30pm, live like a king or queen at a lavish multi-course meal hot from the oven. Enjoy the best entertainment the festival has to offer, including original material not seen at the faire. (Additional ticket required. Seating  limited so purchase tickets online today)

And besides good dancing and fine dining, there’s the usual assortment of minstrels, food, archery, street theatre, shopping, performing rats, comedy, maidens, knifethrowing, and (hopefully) the triumph of Good over Evil

And the psychics of Foresight, of course.

Wow! That sounds like a good time…

So print out yesterday’s post with the $2 off coupon issued specially for you and high thee hence to Robin Hood springtime festival.

We’ll see you there






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