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In medieval times, dining was largely a case of feast or famine. When you could (on a festival or when the harvest was good), you feasted on what was available. When times weren’t so good, you made do with what little you had.

Folks, the Robin Hood springtime festival is a multicourse all-day feast fit for a king.

There are medieval delicacies, such as italian sausage, mead, and roast turkey legs (your chance to act like Henry the VIII!) There are treats from far-flung lands, such as turkish coffee, gyros and thai food. And, for more varied palates, there are also more modern treats such as hamburgers, brownies and fried dough.

There’s even chocolate covered bacon (which is much yummier than it may sound at first- take it from me!)

Check out the “Food and Drink” section under the “Shopping” page on the Robin Hood springtime festival page for a full list of foods for your dining and dancing pleasure. You can check out the other medieval merchants too, if you like.

Does this all sound good?

Then join the psychics of Foresight at the portable feast this weekend at Robin Hood springtime festival

There’s 4 weekends left….






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