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We’ve been talking about different spiritual paths. About how one size does not fit all, how different people need different paths, and how, if you are forced into a path that doesn’t meet your unique spiritual needs, it can mess with your faith.


And as if that were not complicated enough, lets look at people who are on a certain spiritual path vs those who just claim they are.

As I’ve previously stated, I’m a Christian. In my mind, that means that I should be following the example of Christ to the best of my ability. Incorporating things in my life like kindness, charity, faith, good works, and tolerance of people who are different from me (remember the story of the Good Samaritan?…)

I run into lots of other Christians who are like that.

I also run into lots of people who call themselves Christians without seeming to understand that there’s more to this than adopting the classification and going to church on Sunday. Folks who practice greed, dishonesty, bigotry and cruelty, and don’t see any inconsistancy with that and calling themselves Christians.

This is not just a problem of Christianity. I’ve encountered Jewish folk who eat pork, violent Buddhists, and Wiccans who litter,  just to give a few examples here.

And many times, it’s the people who are actually wandering off the path who are setting the stereotype that people have when they think about that particular faith.

Because bad behavior tends to be larger, louder and more attention -getting than good behavior, no?

Kinda bogus that…

So when I’m looking at the question of reconciling differences between paganism and Christianity, I want to be clear here.

I’m not talking about “Sunday-go-to-meeting” erzatz Christians or fashionable pagans. I’ll be talking about people who actually make Christianity or paganism an actual standard for how they live their lives.

And I’ll be talking about that more up ahead…






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