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…who’s the fairest of them all?…

Maybe you, or mayhaps your lady or best friend….

Next weekend, on May 1st, the Robin Hood Springtime Festival will be hosting the Fair Maid contest. Ladies, here’s your chance to strut your stuff. Gentlemen, show your lady that she is indeed the fairest in the land.

This competition is in addition to all the adventure, shows, shopping, food and feats of derring-do going on at the faire on both April 30th and May 1st. Lots of good stuff, and all for you.

Including the psychics of Foresight, of course. With palmistry, tarot, I Ching, dowsing and intuition at your service.

This weekend, the Robin Hood Springtime Festival offers a special celebrity and an easter egg hunt. Next weekend, new treats are in store.

If you haven’t come to see us yet, don’t delay – there are four more weekends for your delight. If you came on the first weekend, we’ve got lots of good things coming and all for your entertainment. We’d  love to see you come again.

See you at the faire






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